Jazz Club

{ From a dream to Verona, the story of our music }

The season will resume in October 2019

“Playing jazz music is like telling a story. Once the music disappears the piece is complete, and only happiness should remain.”

“And all that Jazz…”

The Music Brasserie of Le Cantine de l’Arena was born in the early 2000s from the coming together of two friends: a young restaurant owner and a renowned jazz musician.

Both wanted to bring together the warmth of music with the magic of food in such a way that one should exalt the other all within a unique atmosphere in a location of class.

The perfect genre to bring this dream to life was jazz; in 2005 it became a reality with the opening of our Music Brasserie, a place whose charm is impossible to describe in words, where music makes evenings in Verona unforgettable.

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